One Tip to Drive Social Traffic To Amazon Affiliate and Ecommerce Site

Are you depending only on Google to get traffic to your affiliate or ecommerce site? If yes, it’s time you start looking for other avenues of traffic also. It is never a good plan to solely depend on one source for traffic, specially Google, if you are serious about your website. Many of us have a misconception that it is difficult to drive social media traffic to review […] Read more

Amazon Affiliate Site: Why John makes more money from his existing site while Peter fails…

You can't deny the need of fact based analysis in business.This is even more important for a one-man operation, which is often the structure of most affiliate marketers like you.If you have ever wondered if metrics are important to business… The answer is Yes!There are two type of Amazon affiliates (read below) ... and you are currently one of them. Meet Peter (30) living in Oregon and is […] Read more

Are You making these 5 Common Keyword Research Mistakes For Amazon Affiliate Sites?

  Even if you are not an absolute beginner, it’s likely you are making one of these mistakes while researching for Amazon Review Site. We receive questions from some of our newbie clients and prospects regarding keywords to target . From those questions we have found a pattern of 5 most common misconceptions. This article discusses   those common mistakes. Check out whether you are making similar mistakes: Mistake […] Read more

[Case Study ] How a 90 Days old site got 70+ Keyword ranking in Google

This case study is about a new domain we purchased on 27th Feb 2015 . It was left  alone with a single homepage as we had time shortage with several clients projects in hand. From around April to 1st week of  June  2015 we added 20 content to the site. We did nothing other than opening the site for Googlebot to crawl and index. Next from midweek of  […] Read more

5 Essential Verifications You Must Do Before Investing in a PBN

If you are serious about ranking your site, you know that PBN (Private Blog Network) is the only thing that still works like gangbusters.  However, there is a wrong way and right way of building a PBN.  If you do it wrong, it will not be as effective. Get it right and it will be the best investment for steady long term ranking for your money site. So […] Read more