Stuck for content Ideas? Here’s how to come up with hundreds of content ideas in 2 minutes

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For most people coming up with content ideas  is one of the most difficult aspects of running a successful website or blog . It is simply not good enough anymore to create a static website and not do anything to it, especially if you want to rank highly in the search engines.

Specially with the changes brought about by Google, the whole scenario of SEO has changed drastically. You can’t just start a website, throw up some spinned or  run of the mill content, and build a few links and expect to rank well. These days you actually have to build a good authority website  or hub in your niche and use content marketing  strategies  to  bring in traffic and social signals Google wants.  And for that you need a constant supply of fresh,  high quality content.

The Problem is coming up with new content ideas.  You're not alone, even the most creative of marketers often gets stuck every now and again.  But it doesn't have to slow down your content generation process!

You can legally steal other people’s research and build your own content library.


Use checklist as a source or starting point for your content idea. A good checklist  can literally help you to come up with hundreds of content  ideas in just a few minutes!
Let me give you an example.

At present  our team is in involved in is creating a  high quality scuba diving site for one of our client. Now, as a practice we have all the content idea mapped out  right at the beginning of the project. However, if we get stuck here’s an easy method to come up with fresh ideas.

A simple search on Google with the keyword + checklist , in this case, scuba diving +checklist brings up a comprehensive diver  equipment checklist for a scuba diving vacation. Here’s a snapshot  from the checklist.


Now a checklist like the one above is a potential goldmine of content ideas. You can literally come up with hundreds of content ideas by just choosing one item from the list and asking questions like what, why, where, which and how - the 4WH formula.

Come on . Try it now. Just pick one item from the above checklist and apply 4WH to find out how easy it is.

Need more example? Ok here’s one more.

Here’s a comprehensive checklist on diabetes (retrieved in 2 secs from Google search)


Let’s apply our 4WH formula on the first item on the checklist –“create your own meal plan.”  Here are a few potential questions that can be answered in an article based on this single item on the checklist -why it’s a good idea to create your own meal plan if you are a diabetic patient? What are the things you should consider while creating your meal plan? And so on

See? Easy?  When you are stuck for ideas, the only thing you need is a source to give you the starting point. And checklists are perfect for that.

So next time you get the writer’s block use this strategy to come up with content ideas.

Do you have other creative ideas or strategies for content generation? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    that was great information was actually a great idea with that bit of information I could have had a hundred pieces of content on my site now thanks a lot that was awesome.

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