One Tip to Drive Social Traffic To Amazon Affiliate and Ecommerce Site

Are you depending only on Google to get traffic to your affiliate or ecommerce site?

If yes, it’s time you start looking for other avenues of traffic also. It is never a good plan to solely depend on one source for traffic, specially Google, if you are serious about your website.

Many of us have a misconception that it is difficult to drive social media traffic to review type site or ecommerce site.

This is only half true!

Yes, most people who hang on the social sites are not interested in your product review page. But they are certainly interested in a specific community. This is especially true for social platforms like Pinterest and Facebook .

For example - no one on Pinterest may be that interested in your review for “bbq grill”. But you will certainly find huge community around “bbq” theme.

So how do you leverage the community?

Simple! You provide what they like - i.e. Visual content which is actually useful and can be put to use . If you get that right half the task is done. The next thing is to just add CTA (Call To Action) to find more in your site .

Here are the steps to follow:

1) Step 1: Find an active community on social media that is related to your site. For example if your affiliate or ecommerce site sales products related to “grilling”. You can use the social sites like Pinterest , Facebook, twitter to find groups/people interested in grilling , barbecue, outdoor life etc

2) Step 2: Create visual content that are actually useful. Create Part 1 and Part 2 of visual content, or a series of visual content.

Check the video below. It shows 5 type of visual content you can use.

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3) Step 3: Create a blog on your review or ecommerce site where you add your Part 2 or remaining series of visual content

4) Step 4: Visit the social site and Promote Part 1 or first series of visual content with a call to action for more on your blog

5) Step 5: Once they land on your blog you provide them with more visual content mixed with visual advertisement of the related product your are selling through your review.

Here’s an example to illustrate step 5:
If you are selling “grilling gloves” ; the visual content could be a series of “grilling 101 tips series” part of which you use in the social media sites and add the remaining visual content “tips” in your blog. When the traffic lands on your  blog,  side by side with visual tips they also see a visual (subtle) advertisement like-  “Grilling Glove A vs Grilling Glove B – which would you choose?” Clicking on the advertisement they will be taken to your affiliate review page or product page (for ecommerce site)

So the traffic flow should be like this:

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  1. Avatar Loretta says:

    Lately most of the traffic to my niche sites has been coming from Facebook and Pinterest (organically) so I’ve been experimenting on ways to increase that. For a few of them Pinterest has really been driving the traffic and sales, and now that Pinterest allows affiliate links again I’ve really been enjoying using it.

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