[Case Study ] How a 90 Days old site got 70+ Keyword ranking in Google

Case Study

This case study is about a new domain we purchased on 27th Feb 2015 . It was left  alone with a single homepage as we had time shortage with several clients projects in hand. From around April to 1st week of  June  2015 we added 20 content to the site.


We did nothing other than opening the site for Googlebot to crawl and index.

Next from midweek of  July we started adding  few links to the site.  The site received total 12 backlinks and have not been touched since first week of Aug .

Here is how the site is doing now:



Although we did nothing other than posting 20 articles and about 12 links over a period of 3 months, (from our PBN) still the site is ranking for 70+ keywords  and  got 200+ visitor in last 30 days .

Here’s  a snapshot of  some of the keyword position and their  corresponding search volume for the site


So how did the site rank for 70+ keywords with just 20 articles?

This is perfect example of  what happens when you do good keyword research targeting the long tails (buyer keywords), add quality articles and let a site marinate for few months.

The articles do target a primary keyword, but each also brings traffic from several long tail keywords.

Want to see how we go about selecting niche, do keyword research and analyze competition?

 Download the free Amazon site Process Map from Here

For this site we have done another thing...

We found 2 buyers keyword with  1000+ search volume that were for products no longer in the market ( recalled by the manufacturer.)

So instead of leaving those keywords we built  2 separate pages for those keywords and in the articles we talked about why the visitors can buy a replacement product from the same company.

What we will Do Next?

We have not touched the site for last 30 days. Next we will slowly start building links to the website from our network for the pages that are already ranking for several keywords.

We believe that with slow but regular backlink drops,  the site  will get Top 1 to 4 position for at least  8-10 keywords.

Once that is achieved , we  will add Amazon affiliate links. About 90% of the keywords that the site is ranking for is buyers keyword like best <keyword> ,  <keyword model no> . So we don’t have any doubt that the site will start getting sales as soon as we add Amazon affiliate link. We wait to see the site getting $50 -$70 monthly  product sale.

Once the above goal is achieved, we decide whether we develop the site further or sale it off. This depends on several factors  like the workload we have in hand, reinvestment in different project etc.

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What’s holding you back?

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