Amazon Affiliate Site: Why John makes more money from his existing site while Peter fails…

You can't deny the need of fact based analysis in business.

This is even more important for a one-man operation, which is often the structure of most affiliate marketers like you.

If you have ever wondered if metrics are important to business… The answer is Yes!

There are two type of Amazon affiliates (read below) ... and you are currently one of them.

Meet Peter (30) living in Oregon and is a fitness trainer

As he is interested in the "fitness" niche he has built 1 website since Sep 2014. ...And he’s a "Part-Time" internet marketer. He blogs every week and the website brings in some money almost every month. He can't recall how many visitors his site has and from which keywords. In fact he does not have any idea how many he have brought to Amazon and frankly speaking he’s not sure that matters. He hate "numbers" and never analyze what his site visitors “intention” are and what “they do” do after he sends them to Amazon.

Meet John (34) living in New York and a Mall supervisor.

Like Peter, he has built his own Amazon review website in the "home improvement" niche. The journey was tough at the beginning but as soon as he started to analyze his site’s visitors, his competitors and study the "numbers" from Amazon Associates Central he was able to make significant improvements in his results. He has sent 3445 visitors to Amazon in the last 13 months with a return on his investment of $747. This means John knows every visitor brings him an average of $0.22 USD. (i.e. "earnings per visitor")

Peter doesn’t see opportunities in numbers — where results are concerned; his site is nothing more than a hobby.

John is different…John knows that building a business is a process, requires study...Instead of running after one shiny product after another he is focused on creating value for his visitor by studying consumer behavior data from his site and Amazon.

This story is not real people but the characters are based on real people... and I'm 99% sure one of them is You currently.

So which one is You?

Are You a Peter or a John?

If you want to turn an Amazon affiliate web site to a real business like John you can get access to SitePayRaise for a limited time.

The clock is ticking...

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