5 Essential Verifications You Must Do Before Investing in a PBN

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If you are serious about ranking your site, you know that PBN (Private Blog Network) is the only thing that still works like gangbusters.  However, there is a wrong way and right way of building a PBN.  If you do it wrong, it will not be as effective. Get it right and it will be the best investment for steady long term ranking for your money site.

So here are 5 key points  you should  investigate before purchasing Domains for Your money site PBN

1)  Key  Check point #1 :  Niche Relevant Domain

Relevancy is becoming more and more important. If your money site is on Labrador training , domain related to the niche like ‘dog training’ or ‘Labrador’  will be far more effective than a domain related to ‘jewellery making’

2)  Key Check point #2 :  Domain Trust Factor

Shoot for  domains with Trust Factor (TF) > 10 , even better  domains with TF > 15.  This is one metric  that cannot be easily manipulated and we put more weight on TF than the other metrics : Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), Citation Flow (CF)

3)  Key Check point #3 :  Anchor Text Profile

Stay away from  domains with spammy anchor text profiles ( aka  pharma, porn, foreign language links). Also avoid domains that have been used previously by SEOs. Use ahrefs to check the anchor text profile.

How about domains high TF domains with backlinks  from Hyper  Authority sites like Wikipedia, CNN etc. Interested? Contact us for details.

4) Key Check point #4 :  No Redirection

If domain was redirected to a different site before expiring avoid that domain.
How to check? Use archieve.org

5) Key Check point #5 :  Good Domain History

Use who is domain tool to check how many times domain has been dropped. If more than once, double check archieve.org  to see whether the domain was repurposed before for a different niche not relevant to the original domain topic. If yes do not buy that domain.

Here’s a handy checklist for you. Pin it for quick reference:


Want The Checklist in a high quality Pdf  format? [optin-popup id="304" class="optional-class" position="center"]Download it from here[/optin-popup]. We’ll also send you a list of wordpress plugin you should use for security of your PBN

Want us To Research and Find High Quality Niche Related Domain for You? Check out our service here
If you have questions regarding setting up PBNS feel free to ask.

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